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Setting Your Virtual RAM
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In Windows 98, setting up your own Virtual RAM settings can greatly speed things up. Normally, windows does this for you, and it works just fine. There are people like me though that just have to fiddle with things, or just fix it when its not broke!
Also, improperly changing these settings can really screw things up, possibly making booting an impossibility. So do this properly, and dont come crying to me if you break something, just email me and i'll see if I cant help you out.
There are rumors that you can multiply 2.5 to your RAM and get your Virtual RAM settings. This isn't always true because older computers with very low RAM require more Virtual RAM to compensate.
The first thing to do is to go to Control panel > Add/Remove > Windows Setup Tab. Double click System Tools, and check System Monitor, then Ok. You may need your win98 CD.
Install the system moniter by right click > Install. Find it in Start > Programs > Accessories > system Tools.
Run the program then hit Edit > Add item > Memory Manager. Let it run in the background for a few hours while you do stuff, internet, games whatever. The Peak Value is in bytes, so divide it by 1024 for MB. This will be your Virtual RAM MIN and MAX.
Start > settings > Control Panel > system > Performance > Virtual Memory OK.
Click 'Let me specify my own vertual settings. Enter Min and Max then Ok. Restart.
Thats it. Good luck!

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