Torrents And Peer To Peer


BitComet Download Link

BitComet is an excellent Fileshareing program. it has chatting, links, plus so many more tools. it may be a bit to set it up for optimal speed like any torrent downloader, but if you are into file sharing this is a good bet. There is lots of guides, and forums to help you with settings. Just don't forget that downloading copywrited stuff is a no enjoy!


UTorrent Download And Link

Sweet, Finally some created a torrent downloader that is small. Even on your old PC, you can use this while you surf the web. Small program, no install, very light on resources....What else could you ask for?
Like all torrent downloaders set up can be a pain. Google for info on fast DL's! This rates up there with BitComet minus the goodies...Hence a very nice lite program.
I rate it 8 outa 10!

Kazza Lite k++

Out of all the peer to peer, this is my favorite. This version is now really hard to find. It is very small so i can e-mail it to you. has no adware, or spyware.


Jazagods Tiny StarShip

Reviews And Software Links

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Here I will list off a bunch of software I think will help, or come in handy for any user. Most of this software is freeware or possibly shareware, and to the best of my knowledge all are ad free.

Tools And Appz.

Everest Home

Everest Home Addition Download Link

If you ever wanted to know stuff about your computer, then this is it! Start up this App and you will know everything that is on, or in your PC. Get it!

Process XP

This is great program that is basically like Windows Task Manager, except full on. Wonder what that process is? Well find out!


Safe Xp, Download Link

SafeXp is a great tool for turning windows programs on or off. It has all sort of security features and even lets you turn off MSN Messenger for good. Does too much to say, definately worth checking out. SafeXP works with Win 98 and up. It also makes a backup incase you don't like something you did, or can't get access to something.
Great program!!

Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools Download Link

This program is a virtual DVD/CD drive, that will load most popular CD image files. It will not open Nero images and a couple others, but is still a great free program.

Fast Stone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer Download Link

I ran across this program one day because I couldn't open a certain image. It is rather small file considering what it does. It can open any popular image type, plus many more no ones heard ever of. It has an excellent interface that allows you to browse any picture on your hard drive, allows you to move and rename and view slide shows etc. It lets you change the file type, ie. .jpg > .bat . It has many cool editing tricks you can do plus much more! Definately check this out, it has a great feel to it!

End It All 2

EndItAll 2 Download Link

End It All 2 is another great tool that does what it says. You can literally close down all non essential programs with tool, or kill pesky programs that won't go away. This comes in handy when having to install stuff, or run scandisk, so you dont have to close them all manually. Unfortunately the makers of End It All have decided they want to start charging money for it. I would rather close things manually! Fortunately there are a few sites where you can still find it though less and less.
If this link becomes BUNK, please let me know so I can End it!

DOSBox 0.63

DOSBox Download Link

Although I have not personally used DOSBox, I have heard through the grapevine that it works great and is always updated. This DOS emulator makes it possible to play older games from the DOS days. This Download link is to the actual site and has more optional tools you can download. Have fun!


CCleaner Download Link

Crap Cleaner does exactly what it says. It cleans out Windows crap files! Not only does it clean it out, but it does it quickly. It also cleans applications like Firefow/Mozilla, adobe, office, kazaa search history, and multimedia crap. Of course it allows you to choose what you want cleaned and even when. As a test I first used Windows Disk Cleanup, Then CCleaner and it cleaned up an additional 7.3MB. Normally you need to pay for tools like this, get it now!

Anti Virus & Anti Spyware

Avast Anti-Virus


Avast Anti-Virus Download Link

Avast, to me, my friends and many others, is the best Anti Virus there is! It is completely free for home use, and has auto updates. If you use Peer to Peer sharing it will scan downloads during the download for added protection. people who use Kazza or similar will like this feature. It scans web pages, e-mail, plus more and in my view is the only FREE, excellent anti virus program to talk about! It has found things for me, that Norton Professional missed , and doesn't come with the useless addons that hog to much CPU and RAM, like McAfee, norton and others.
A hint: Make sure you register or it will stop working after 30 days. It IS still free and takes only minits. Also once installed right click the ' i ' in your taskbar and merge icons. saves a little bit of clutter....My worst pet peeve!

10 stars for this one!


SpyBot Download Link.

Heads up for SpyBot! The creator of this program should charge money, but beliefs are beliefs, and this is an excellent anti-spyware software that works! Get it now!!

Ad Aware SE personal

AdAware SE Personal, Download Link

Adaware is a another great anti-spyware program thats been around for awhile. I find using this and SpyBot together lets nothing sneak by. It's easy to use, compact and fairly quick. a must have!

Speed Things Up A Little

TweakAll 3

TweakAll 3 Download Link

TweakAll 3 is an excellent program that has many uses, one of which is freeing memory when it gets too low. Like I say it has many uses and it is a small program I think everyone should have installed.

TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer Download Link

TCP Optimizer Is especially good for older versions of Windows. This is an easy to use program to help speed up your internet experience. There is no installation required and makes a backup of registry settings in case it doesn't work for you. Give it a try!

Game XP

Game XP Download Link

Game Xp is related to Safe Xp. It can be a good tool to reduce the amount of animated stuff XP and 98 use but turning them off. By doing this it can greatly speed up your computer. You dont need to install and it creates backups.

Adobe Speedup

Adobe Reader Speed Up

I Havn't tested this on Adobe 5, but for adobe 6 and 7 this little app can speed up the loading time alot! It's easy to use and you only have to set it up once. This program will make many people happier.

Although my StarShip is off the ground, it still has a long venture ahead!

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