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DOSBox Download Link

Although I have not personally used DOSBox, I have heard through the grapevine that it works great and is always updated. This DOS emulator makes it possible to play older games from the DOS days. This Download link is to the actual site and has more optional tools you can download. Have fun!

Free Game sites No BS!


Link to the sweetest older games site here!! Always updated....Check It!!!

Caiman Games

This is Good site for free games though some games are not made well. It is worth a peek though!


Great site for games and other stuff...Reminds me of a StarShip! Also if you are looking for sex typr games, this place has it!

Board Games

Trivial Pursuit

Well cmon, for a PC boardgame based game, it's not bad...Just like the real game in every aspect..except for the funny lookin penguin that reads the questions...Entertaining none the less.

Download Trivial Persuit here


Forgot about this game like I forgot the 80's. strategy game that is very difficult, yet very easy to learn. more like a chess game than Risk, This game had me fuming with rage. I couldn't win....Still can't! Can you?

Download Stratego Here

Risk II

Just like risk but better. I found it free on Kazza lite, but you didn't hear it from me!

Jazagods Tiny StarShip

Games List

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Finding some decent games to play on older computers can be a challenge. There is no way you will be playing anything new on something as old as 266 pentium. There are however a handfull of older games that look pretty nice and run smooth enough with good game play.

Here is a list of some of my favorites. Unfortunately you will have to fing most of them on your own, but search hard enough and you can find them.

I have been having a blast lately looking at older DOS games. Some of these game are so seriously old that win 95 on a 100 Mhz pc is too fast. Get DOSBox, then try to run the game. For now I am going to mix them on one page, so if you find something that doesn't run properly....Get DOSBOX!! Pre Xp users most games will work without, but for almost all games you will have to set up your sound, and sometimes your own graphics. For sound most will use SoundBlaster or 100% compatible, For video, VGA. If a game just wont work, move it to your C:\ drive (my computer> C;\....Beside program files and windows files)
Good luck!!


Perhaps one of the most famous games in existance, Diablo has some decent graphics and gameplay that is second to none. A 266Mhz machine has no problem at all playing this excellent RPG. At least a 56k modem for online play.

Diablo II

Diablo 2 is even better! I was able to get this playing on my machine, though at times it was a little choppy, especially when lots of magic is used. Unfortunately this game is hit and miss with playability on anything less than a 400MHz with 120Mb RAM, even with system requirements stating much lower.

Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri

This is a turn based game that can suck you in for hours! It runs great, with its settings set to low and medium, and even has a low rez pack on the CD. Any pentium can play this game, but it slows down quite a bit when all of the map of planet is revealed. Still if you've never played it on a faster machine, or at all, you may not even notice. There is an XP patch and a 64bit patch also available for newer PC's. Oh, I didn't mention theres also an expansion pack 'Alien Crossfire'!

SMAC XP Patch And Tweaks

SMAC-Alien Crossfire

In this expansion there are more factions to compete with, and new native life, stuff like that, It is deffinately a gem of an expansion pack fans don't want to miss. I managed to find a site to download the full version **FREE** (of course you need SMAC installed first). The download is very slow, 5 to 10KB\s, so start downloading before you goto bed or you will stress right out!

SMAC Alien Crossfire Download Link

Civilization I, II, III

All three of these games are great. These games are very addictive and can suck up alot of time. Create and lead a small town from nothing to a thriving Nation. Sounds cool. Part 3 of course has the best graphics but is a little choppy on the 266MHz machines.


The original City building game created by Maxis. Very simple to learn, and even for it's age I believe it to be the best SimCity.

SimCity free download

Sim City 2000

Sim City is a fun game where you build a city while trying to keep people happy. This game is good for when your bored, and not too complicated to learn. If you type > imacheat then hit enter you get loads of cash. Thats the only cheat I remeber. fun old game!

Download SimCity 2000

Heros of Might and Magic II

This Rpg game is sweet! Althoug it is older, I guarantee hours of slouchyness and fun with this great game! Unfortunately the link for this game has expired and I can't seem to find it :(


Startrek fans will love this game. Apparently it came out in around 1970!! Krikey!! Play the role of Captain kirk as you circle Uranus, Wiping out Klingons and other famouse Startrek fiends. Wow, I remember a version of this game from my kid years on a Commodore 64! The manual is on the net for free in PDF. Enjoy!!

Download WinTrek Here

Ms. Pac Man

Everyone remembers Ms. Pac Man, well almost everyone. This version is as real as I have ever found, and if you use XP you will need DOSBox. I have tried to refind the Link over and over but always just find the crappy ones. levels and everything else are the same as the arcade version....Way Cool! Since it is so small I can e-mail it to you since finding the link again is 1 in a million.


Rememger Contra? This is THE best side scroller i have ever played! Move with your arrow keys, point with mouse! This game will get your heart jumping!
Though it is older, you will love it!
Violent...too many monsters, dark, and flipping hard, people with stress cases should avoid this gem!

ABUSE Download link


This game is cool! It is a 3d first person shoot and kill everything with not really any storyline at all game. This is pretty much the mother of all 3d games today, and the graphics for its time are exceptional! A 266 pentium with 64MB of RAM can play this game with no stutters at all!


Quake II

Quake 2 is the same as quake 1, except it has missions and objectives. If you like Quake 1, you will love quake 2. I have written up a page of tweaks for this game because a 266 can just barely play this one. After the tweaking it runs well enough to enjoy, but it just wont be as smooth as quake 1.

Quake II Console Commands & Tweaks

MechWarrior II

MechWarrior 2 is a really old game, where you drive around a robot and blast stuff. It is a fun 3d game and i'll bet everyones heard of it. if you have XP, DOSBox may or may not work so here's the fix to play it.

MechWarrior II XP Fix

Alien Trilogy

This game is quite scary as well. seeing as though the mouse control sucks, and you can't change it. Don'e be dissuaded...makes for more panic as you punch any key to survive!
Very addictive fun game!!
Here is the link....

Alien Trilogy Download Link:

Alien VS Predator

I think this game rocked ass! The first person 3d graphics were great for the time, and it had me scared to look around the corner! You can play as an Alien, Predator, or Human which is pretty cool too.

Resident Evil

Another gem of a game, Resident Evil made in 1997 by Capcom, is made to keep you on the edge of your seat.It is a third person perspective game and most people know that this was originally a consol game for the PlayStation 1. It was made into a PC game and of course you can tell it was a console game by the way you have no mouse control whatsoever, but it was made so you can change keys, unlike so many other games of it's time. Of course you can set up a joy pad if you prefer. It is too bad you can't save whenever you want but that seems to add to the freakiness of it.
All in all this is a great game and works on almost any ancient system as long as you have at least a 4MB graphics card.
I have just recently started playing this game again, and once again, I'm consumed, just like before. Its easy enough to find too.
One more warning...This game is Freaky!!

Resident Evil WalkThrough


Kinda reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, but much simpler like a mario game, jumping on and over things collecting coins in a 3D enviroment.

Download It Here


I like this game because I can kick my girlfriends ass! It's a 2D overhead racer alot like the old Off Road game. You can play 4 players at a time, and change any setting you want. It also has a cool track editor..Fun game!

Download GeneRalley here

Of course I need to update and add some newer games. E-mails have told me to get on it, so here goes.


This has gotta be one of the sweetest games I have ever played. It is scary, and I mean it. It makes Half Life 2 and other great games ...well just not as good! I definately think everyone who likes first person shooters to go out and buy this gem. Even my buddy who is bored of FPS games thinks its sweet.
A bonus FREE multi player is available for download too...SWEET!! You wont need to buy FEAR for this download to work...heres the Link, and enjoy!!

F.E.A.R Combat Multi Player

More emulators coming soon

Project 64 is A very decent emulator for Nintendo 64. Great sounds and No crashes so far;)

PJ Project 64

Great Super Nintendo Emulator!! Cats ass!

ZSNES Super Nintendo

Many More Tried tested and true DOS games plus coming soon too!!

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