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MechWarrior II XP Fix
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This should work, even if it is sorta complicated.
You need to be running the 1.1 Dos version of the game, since the W95 ver doesn't work in XP.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to get everything up and running from the setup program onwards:

1. Download and install VDMSound.


2. Install and then locate MINST.EXE on your Mech2 CD, right click on the .exe and choose 'run with vdmsound'.

3. Continue through the setup program (and ignore any errors it throws at you, use autodetect for the sound card settings.

Whenever you wish to run Mech 2 you must do so by running the mech2.exe with vdmsound.

If you want CD Audio and Hi-res graphics you need a few more files:

Nolfb (May take a bit of searching)

Sapucdex, can be downloaded from:


To install nolfb just extract the .zip file into your mech2 folder and create a .bat file in the same folder containing the following:


Save the file and run it with vdmsound.

To enable cd audio support extract sapucdex to your windows\system32 folder and then you need to edit a few files:

Firstly autoexec.nt (which is also located in your system32 folder). Edit with notepad or a similar program and replace the line:

lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe


lh %SystemRoot%\system32\sapucdex.exe

Finally add "REM" (no quotes) to the line beginning something like:

Set blaster = A220 I5 etc..


REM SET BLASTER = A220 etc...

Save the edited file.

Now locate autoexec.vdms (it's in the folder where you installed vdmsound). Edit this and again replace the line ending with mscdexnt.exe with sapcdex.exe as before.

Everything should work ok now, if not just tell me and we see if we can sort something out.

If you want to run Mech2 from a shortcut on your desktop, edit the .bat file I mentioned earlier and put dosdrv.exe above the other two entries then make a shortcut to this file on your desktop. (no need to run the new shortcut with Vdmsound now)

Good Luck

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