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Quake II Console Commands
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Quake 2 is awesome. I spent days trying to get it to run smooth enough on a 266 with 64 megs of ram to actually enjoy playing it. The steps I took takes away from the graphics abit, but trust me it still looks nice enough and if you really want to play the game then you won't mind either.

In the game console just type the following:
cl_gun "0" > See no gun
cl_lights "0" > No gun firing flash effects
cl_maxfps "600" > Max frames per second (default 1000) *online
cl_particles "0" > No sparks or smoke for the most part.
gl_picmip "4" > May increase speed (default 0)
gl_cull "0" > Doesn't render behind objects (can't see behind things anyways)
gl_dynamic "0" > Turns off dynamic lighting.

There are many more commands but these and setting the resolution to 320x, and sound to low made quake 2 playable and enjoyable.

Now you can set those every time, or add them to the config file located in the Baseq2 folder, in the Data folder.
Also instead of installing Quake 2, I suggest copying the entire CD contents to your hard drive, wherever you like. I chose Program files. Then Run the game from DOS. To find this go to the Install folder > Data folder, here you will see the Baseq2 folder where you save the config file with the above commands. Then click the dos Quake 2.exe icon in the Data folder and your playing. You do not need to install this game if the entire contents is on your hard drive. This will also make things faster because its one less thing a slow pc has to think about(the CD ROM).
Hopefully you all know how to copy to your hard drive!
When typing in the config file be sure to type set first e.i set cl_gun "0"
Also some times my config files resets its commands so if that happens to you just make an extra copy of your new config and keep it somewhere like Data folder so you can copy and paste later, saying yes to the overwrite.

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