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Drawings And Photos
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Horny Green
This was drawn with Bic Pens

I have many more pictures that I have drawn, but at the moment they are all over the place, or need to be scanned. As soon as I find more, draw more, or get some scanned I will be adding them.
My favorite way of drawing is with Bic pens and trust me, it takes forever to just draw and shade one like this one here.

Yes a Bic Pen, All isse are the scew ups! I am my own worst whatchamacallit?

I call it ... Raise it, Drop it...do Somthing

My friends desk
I would like more of this kind of clutter!

Name Unknown
Artist, HR. GIGER, My most favorite artist in the world

These are for you :-)
Older, yet I have always liked it.

In Flight
One of the first Bic drawings I did

Then why are my palms hairy?

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Although my StarShip is off the ground, it still has a long venture ahead!

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