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EUSTACE: (addressing the audience from center stage) : Attention all. I'd like to offer great thanks to you all for coming and for playing all such vital roles in the life of our cherished Natalia. I see that we have just about all of you here and no hangers on. Now as you must have figured out everyone one will leave with something. In this house is the contents of Natalia's will, which I had to arrange myself. When she left us so suddenly I was left the sole benefactor. I know it's taken me a silly amount of time to get this together but it was quite difficult to let her go. Also, it took a great deal of time to hand pick all of you who brought such joy to her life. Without her direct input, it took quite a bit of research to find you(looks directly at Spencer) and I'm truly glad you could all attend.

ROBERT (raises glass) : To Natalia!!

AUDIENCE: To Natalia!!

SPENCER begins to head for the door. EUSTACE chases after him.

Eustace: Don't think your leaving this house without your prize!

SPENCER: I don't want anything out of you or your sick little game!

EUSTACE: I see. You believe you've taken enough from me.

SPENCER: And you believe you can invite me to partake in your mindful-

EUSTACE: You came. Your guilty conscience led you through that door.


As I mentioned before, I am very glad you came.

SPENCER: To embarrass me? Pity? Or, you don’t want something that touched your wife doing something as low down as eating with mismatched silverware?

EUSTACE: Much, much more than forkes and knives boy.


You know and I am assured by her journals that you ' touched' my wife in everyroom of this house. As I no longer want her, I no longer want this house. It's yours

SPENCER: What!?!

EUSTACE: You've soiled this place so you may as well keep it!


SPENCER: Well what the fuck do I say to that?


EUSTACE: A simple 'thank you' will suffice though it will never be as much as nscessary.




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