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Some Canadian News Papers

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Like I said before these are news papers from places in Canada where I have lived. I am still looking into adding in links to E-Zines that originate from anywhere I have lived as well. All in good time!!

Gulf Islands News SaltSpring Island B.C. - The Driftwood News

Parksville B.C. - The News -

The North Shore News B.C. - (lol I call it the snooze) -

The Province "Vancouver B.C."

The Oliver Chronicle B.C.

The Penticton Herald B.C.

Saskatoon Star Pheonix Sask.

The Halifax Chronicle Herald N.S.

These are some of the entertainment papers. I excluded the "Gay Timez", but I'm pretty sure the authors of the below ARE gay....Not that there is anything wrong that!!

Besides, from what I hear (and watch wierdo's and shake my head) it's trendy these days.....YUCK!!....Though two women??? Now That's Trendy!! :-)

The Georgia Straight Vancouver B.C.

The Coast Halifax N.S.

I will add more entertainment papers in time. but for now.....

Although my StarShip is off the ground, it still has a long venture ahead!

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