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Welcome to my Star Ship. In this site there is info on PC tweaks and links to downloads that I think are trusted and everyone should know about. There is stuff about games, mostly older games I believe shouldn't die, and other usefull and useless stuff.




These are some ideas and links that everyone cries about. I hope to add more soon!

Fixing lost administration password

K-Meleon Web Browser Tweaks

FireFox Toolbar Resets When Restarted Fix

Need a Codecs For Movies?

Easy Unzipping

Nero Burning Issue

Setting Your Virtual RAM

Needed and Not Needed XP Services

Printer Printing Troubleshooter

Games List, Tweaks

Reviews And Software Links

Stuff About Nothing

PS 2 'Disc Read Error' Fix

Canadian Musack/Tunez

Website Links :

Tucson Forum

Great new forum, Join up and exchange ideas


This is a great site for tools and apps and has one of the best forums I've used.

Brian's Pc Repair

An interesting site I ran across including fixes and helpfull links. Check it!

The Road to Nowhere

This is a great site for over 150 windows and office available for download.


The name says it, plus alot of cool stuff, new and old.


Ah! If you like games, er, the older ones, This site has a whole wack of em! E-mail me for Ms. Pacman(just like the arcade)
Sweet site!! ; )

I Want More

Looking for a list to the newest games? This site is easy on the eyes, and has some interesting links. Definately worth a look.


This is another great site to visit for all sorts of handy stuff. The forum is easy enough to post in, and answers are pretty good too.


Face it. Being unemployed is funny! This site has many cartoons about a lazy guy named Todd. Very funny!

Ebaum's World

Loads of illusions, jokes and just a cool site to visit when your bored. definately worth checking out.


This site has a good list of music artists , and other neat stuff. Take a look!


New and Improved!!

Test Your Hacking Skills

This is a cool web site hacking puzzle game...See how far you can get!


In my opinion this is the best place to get signed up with an E-Mail acct.

Although my StarShip is off the ground, it still has a long venture ahead!

Feedback, submissions, ideas? Email jazagod@yahoo.com